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The Antisocial Award

The Antisocial Award
The Antisocial Award wascreated when we tried to get some awards for our ShavenFerret Productions page. We found tons of awards for kids sites,family oriented sites, and other such crap; but none for a site like ours.
Here'show it works:
Everytwo weeks, we give our award to a web site whose content consists of vulgar,offensive humor. If you have or know of a web site whose content consistsof vulgar, offensive humor, you can nominate it using the form at the bottomof this page. Please note that if this means racist humor on your site,it must be "equal opportunity" (i.e., you must offend every race, not justthe ones you don't like). The only exception to this rule is anti-Irishhumor (see the note at the bottom of the page), because,well, you know, they really deserve it...
Ifyou win, here's what you get:
  • You can wear our wonderful antisocialgraphic on your web site. You can even load it off of our site. Choosefrom the finger of justification (the image at the top,) or the wussierless offensive image below it.
  • Every 2 weeks we make a new movie. Wewill give your site a permanent link right under that movie.
  • You will be mentioned on our notificationlist, which goes out every 2 weeks to announce our newest movie.
  • You get a link on ShavenFerret Productions' linkpage.
Apply for the Award
You don't have to be a webmaster to nominate a site. If you know ofa site that contains tasteless, offensive humor, just fill in the formbelow, and we'll check it out. While the only field that is required isthe URL field, we would appreciate it if you filled in all of them. (ifyou don't want to give your email address, enter "[email protected]" in the email field.
URL (required):
Name of Site:
Your E-Mail Address:
Are you the webmaster?YesNo
Description of site, comments, or anything else you'dlike to say:
1/21/99Planet EgoMania: "A satirical look at the inside life of an online princess"
10/13The Incrediblely Marverlously Stupendously Really Neat Story of Emily Keating: One of the few personal web pages that don't suck. Perhaps because it was designed by me. Heh, I'm so conceited. Eh, fuck you, no one good applied for the award this time, so I gave it to a site I designed. Deal with it.
10/1Aaah Ha!Ha!Ha! Humor Mailing List & Big Gyant Head's Joke Archives: One of the better humor mailing lists out there.
7/8NeTTrasH: I like the burp page...
6/24Red and Blue Official Website: Kinda like our page, but with a recurring theme...
6/10Urinate of your dog NOW!!!: ok, so maybe I am giving the award to a site I run. fuck you. the goddamned script was broken for those two weeks, so I couldn't get any applications. sorry.
5/27Jesus Was Gother Than You: This page compares Jesus to a goth. I thought the funniest part was the water into wine stuff... Be sure to check out the hate mail, it's good too...
5/13The Creamy White Dogturd Homepage: Ever wondered where you could find more information on creamy white dog turds?Sure you have, you goddamned liar. This web page is, as the name implies, allabout that wonderful phenomenon that is milky canine shit.
4/29Loogy!: Thishas to be the most on-topic site to apply for the antisocial award. they'vegot a bunch of jokes and a mailing list.
4/15TheBawdy.Net Mailing List: One of the best mailing lists out there,Bawdy.Net features lots and lots of vulgar humor delivered straight toyour email box.
3/31ShavenFerret Productions: How pathetic is this? No one appliedfor the award, which I suppose is understandable seeing as it was the firstweek that the award was available, so we gave it to ourselves. Inour defense, however, we're the only web page we know of to make a movieentitled Man Urinating on Dog
Before you bitchat me, let me point out that mygirlfriend , who also runs the ShavenFerret Productions page, is Irish and proud of it. I am not actuallyracist against the Irish, it's just so much fun to piss her off. If you'restill offended, please take this time to blow it out your ass. Back