Just when you thought you had seen every stupid button thing on the internet...
Urinate on your dog NOW!!!

inspired by Shaven Ferret Productions' short film "Man Urinating on Dog"
Last year, in the United States alone, over 13,000,000 dogs went without being urinated on. We like to view ourselves as a "civilized" society, and yet we continue to ignore these poor, helpless canines' most basic needs. Take a look at these astounding facts...
    • In 1997 nearly 14 out of every 15 dogs were not urinated on even once.
    • 96% of all dog owners reported that they had not even considered urinating upon their loyal pets.
    • The majority of dogs will go through life without ever experiencing the joys of being urinated on.
    • Both of the dogs that I talked to about this subject merely stared at me with a stupid look on their face. I don't like dogs. One can only wonder what horrible things were done to these dogs to force them to hold their silence...
    • Republicans are just one of nature's little mistakes.
    • I write some weird stuff when I've been a-drinkin'.
I ask you, the concerned citizen, to do something about this. Send me your money. I won't actually use it to urinate on dogs, nor will I use it to support the cause of urinating on dogs. However, I'd be really happy if you did. Come on, you know you want to...
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