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Cliff's Pic-Post Script Version 4.08

This script might run under Windows NT. Note that I say might, as in not definately, feel free to try but don't be surprised if it doesn't work. If you are on an NT server, make sure to read the special notes in the readme.txt file.
If you run an adult site and would like to add some free content, you should consider installing your own pic-post page. Not only do you get the content for free, you don't have to pay for the space or bandwidth. My script also has a few very useful features if you'd like to require a return link. Here is how you'd benefit from having your own pic-post page:
  1. Free content that changes often will keep your visitors coming back
  2. Your search engine status will be improved by the descriptions of the posts
  3. If you require a return link, you can build traffic
  4. This script is free and mind-numbingly easy to use


Short version: My script probably does just about anything that you'd want a picpost script to do, and I'd be happy to add something if you ask me. It's free and easy to install\use.

Long version:


This script is being used at TotallyFreeSex.Com. Feel free to post your image, but note that this is not a working demo, so please don't post any tests. Also note that this is an adult site, so please don't go unless you are "of age"


You can either download everything in one zipped file, or each file individually:

Upgrading from an earlier version

If you are upgrading from a version of the script earlier than 4.00, you'll need to download this script to update your data.
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Get More Posts System

Posting your image to multiple pages can be a serious pain in the ass, due largely to the fact that you have to enter all your information over and over again. I've set up a script @ http://www.shavenferret.com/cgi-bin/post.cgi that lets webmasters fill out their information once, and post their image to multiple pages. If you use my script, you can get on the list. This is free, and all you need to give in return is a small form that appears after people submit their images (the script will generate the form for you, so you won't need to edit it).
This script will generate small links back to my page, and tell people where to get this script when it sends e-mail. If you really can't deal with this, click here to buy the registered version of the script.

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