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Cliff's Hangman V1.0

This is just a simple game of hangman. For those of you who don't remember, hangman is the game where you try to guess a word by guessing letters. Each time you guess wrong, a body part of a hanging man is drawn. If you guess the word before the whole man is drawn, you win. With this script you can use whatever words you want, and replace the images of body parts with your own.


You can either download everything in one zipped file, or individually:

  • hangman.cgi - The script itself
  • hangman.txt - The list of words to use in the game
    • Images: (feel free to replace these with your own)
    • black.gif - a solid black 1X1 gif image
    • gallows.gif - the gallows
    • head.gif - a really bad picture of my head
    • l_arm.gif - stick figure left arm (displayed on right)
    • l_foot.gif - stick figure left foot (displayed on right)
    • l_leg.gif - stick figure left leg (displayed on right)
    • r_arm.gif - stick figure right arm (displayed on left)
    • r_foot.gif - stick figure right foot (displayed on left)
    • r_leg.gif - stick figure right leg (displayed on left)
    • torso.gif - stick figure torso
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