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Cliff's Free Links Script Version 2.14


Note: I've added pretty much every single feature I could think of to this script. You can probably get a much better idea of how it works by checking out the working demo.

  • To make this script easier to use, all options that aren't necessary to get the script running can be set from an administrative page, where they are explained in plain English.
  • Script has built-in search engine and random link that your visitors can use to search all the links, or only specific sections
  • Script can send a customizable e-mail to people when their link is added.
  • Script can send an e-mail message to people once their link is rotated out.
  • Script counts the number of hits each link gets.
  • Script give you statistics
  • Script lets you easily add and remove sections from the admin page
  • Script lets you easily lock out offensive text from the admin page
  • Script lets you easily delete links from the admin page
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Working Demo
This script will generate small links back to my page, and tell people where to get this script when it sends e-mail. If you really can't deal with this, click here to buy the registered version of the script.

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