Shaven Ferret Productions Presents...

Frat Boys Piss me Off
By Cliff the Mighty

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The above movie, Frat Boys Piss me Off is copyrighted Shaven Ferret Productions 1998
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Well, isn't this fucking sick. Note to morons: do not do what the flying lemur says. In case you really don't have a life and you're interested in stupid things, this is the flying lemurs second appearance in a SFP film. His first was in Geoff ***** Says 'Bips!' Too Damned Much. This was Jen's turn to make a movie. She has finals. Screw her. No, i'm kidding, but she has to make the next two movies now. Yeah, like you really care...

Did you know that at the same time this film was released Loogy! won the Antisocial Award?

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